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How to Write & Self Publish a Book — The Ultimate Guide

Writing and Self Publishing a book isn’t hard. In fact, it’s too easy, and that’s what trips most people...

How it feels to edit a book
How does it feel to edit a book

How much insight do readers have into the authors mind when it comes to editing a book? Not much...

Complete Guide to Beta Reading » Find beta readers and run the perfect beta read
A complete guide to beta reading

How to find beta readers and run the perfect beta read Running a beta read can be daunting, especially...

Improve Writing and Critiquing
41 Questions to Improve Your Writing and Critiquing

Improving writing quality is hard. Especially when you’re working on your own. There are so many things to juggle....

How to become a better writer — Harness the power of The Critique Feedback Loop

Becoming a better writer takes more than just practice. It takes a process. In this post I'll show you...