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Kult’s a freelancer living on the surface, a harsh world where the very air you breath kills you by degrees.

To survive here, many live out their days in ventilated communes. Youth pray their studies will one day earn them a ticket from the surface to live among the elite of the undercity. But most will never fulfill this dream, just like their parents. 

Then there are those like Kult who live in the cracks of society. Wearing storm suites and respirators, freelancers, stability officers, and nihilists roam the alleyways of the last city on Earth. High school dropouts camp in abandoned food paste factories. And a small team of scientists study the nature of the layered universe, and their discovery may change everything.

From a rusted metal city to desert fringes and beyond, Kult seeks to escape the world he soon must save.

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The cast of Grim Curio

You’re about to dive into a fresh new dystopian world. I hope you’re excited to follow a diverse cast of characters including:

  • Kult, a detective of the supernatural who’s trying to prove that one can travel between realities.
  • Nat, a high school dropout who’s run away from home and now seeks shelter in the arms of violent nihilists.
  • Simon, a brilliant scientist from the undercity who holds the fate of an entire settlement in his hands.
  • Tasche, an angry young woman driven by her principles. Is she beyond the point of no return?
  • Carlos, an excentric runner who uses his behemoth truck to navigate the barren desert fringes, even in a spore storm.
  • Gretchen, a university student desperate to escape the undercity and find her place on the surface.
  • Nevin, an elder who prays to the earth to save the diseased children of his settlement through brutal psychotropic rituals.
  • Susan, the conflicted undercity director for the Office of Stability who leads the top-secret project Artemis.
  • Clint, Tannea, & Manny, a group of scientists who experiment with the nature of reality itself.
  • Hela & Tiff, two nihilists hell-bent on burning the world down no matter the cost. Is there more to them than there appears?
  • Bernie, the kind-hearted artist who’s creations remind the world of the creatures that once roamed this dying planet.

Their paths will intersect, converge, and merge as the true scale of Grim Curio‘s story is gradually revealed. But first, we’ll begin with a short walk to a small pub in the dark of night where Kult just wants to kick back and forget for a little while.

The world of Grim Curio

Refuge is the final city. The last city on Earth. Centuries ago, most of humanity either died off during the three calamities, or they escaped the planet to settle on Mars.

Those who were left founded Refuge in the ruins of an ancient crumbling metropolis. Some settled on the surface while others burrowed deep into the earth and created the undercity, a world of sterilized air, capillary corridors, and artificial light.

Since then, a caste system formed. The elite gathered underground while the rest were forced into communes on the surface. However, the enterprising and extreme managed to survive as freelancers and nihilists. Still others fled Refuge to brave the desert fringes.

What is Early Access?

Every other Thursday, patrons will get access to a new scene from Grim Curio long before it’s officially published. In this way, you can read through the entirety of Grim Curio before anyone can buy it!

This is my favorite thing I can provide to you through Patreon. Grim Curio is the second book of mine to be released in this way after The Peculiar Case of the Luminous Eye (which you can download now through the rewards page).

I use a variety of tools to deliver Early Access content in as polished a state as possible, but it’s worth noting that it hasn’t yet been edited. So Early Access works might have some typos or grammatical errors.

With that said, I truly hope you enjoy the thrilling and dangerous world of Grim Curio.

Start reading Grim Curio right now!

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