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A Night in Ruin, a supernatural thriller by S.C. Barrus, who happens to be me, will be released by Q1 of 2020.

About the book

There are strange and otherworldly creatures struggling for survival in our world. This one haunts and devours eyes.

In the middle of the night, in a mansion on the city outskirts, a wealthy recluse wakes with a ghostly worm-like creature haunting his eye. It seems to have come from a recently unearthed collection of ancient books bound in human skin.

Willem is an unhinged detective of the supernatural. Dr. Florence is a brilliant physician with a secret addiction. With the help of a little blackmail, the unlikely pair investigate this disturbing phenomena. But the creature isn’t what it first appeared and if it’s not destroyed tonight it will spread like a pestilence.

A Night in Ruin novel cover
*Not official cover design

Release date

Formerly titled The Peculiar Case of the Luminous Eye, it’s still a bit too early to nail down an exact release date for A Night in Ruin. But the gears are in motion and you can expect A Night in Ruin to be released by the end of Q1.

Patrons can read the entire novella now in early access on the S.C. Barrus Patreon page where it’s still titled The Peculiar Case of the Luminous Eye. Part 1 is available free for all, so read the preview today.

Check back often for frequent publishing updates

I’m documenting the entire publishing process here on this blog. Check back often for deep dives every step of the way. Next week I’ll share an in-depth post on how I researched, brainstormed, and landed on the new title.

Meanwhile, Patrons get further access to more frequent updates where I share even more behind the scenes info as soon as it’s available. Patrons are informed first and more often with early announcements, frequent sneak peeks, and posts such as this list of 50+ alternate titles I brainstormed for A Night in Ruin.

And there’s more on the way

A Night in Ruin has sneaked into my release schedule but there are more books in the works. Grim Curio is still deep in the editing phase, and the long-awaited The Gin Thief: Episode 2 will have its day in the sun in the coming months. Things are heating up! I can’t wait to start getting these projects into your hands.

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