The Pain! How a Surprise Root Canal Derailed My Week

What a week. How much writing did I scribe? None. Ok, maybe 300 words. It’s a terrible feeling when life gets in the way of producing art. I read that Friedrich Nietzsche was so sick near the end of his life that he couldn’t write for years. Imagine that. Terrible.

I didn’t write because of the pain in my jaw. I suffered for a week, losing sleep, staring off in a daze. When I sat to write, I just couldn’t wrap my head around the scenes. I’d type a few words, then drift into the pain again.

Finally I went to the dentist. Turns out a nerve in my molar was trying to resign from S.C. Barrus LLC. It wanted it’s benefits, so it complained until I let it go.

So I won’t have much to say this week. In fact, this is it. All the time I would usually spend blogging or scheduling my social network quips will be spent writing to make up for lost time. That’s all for today, I hope you’re week went better than mine. Till we meet again.

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