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Calling All Beta Readers – Read Grim Curio Before Anyone Else

Hello dear readers, it’s that time again. Beta readers, assemble! Who among you will rise to the challenge and beta read Grim Curio before it’s submitted to contests, agents, and publishers? To become a beta reader, follow the link below and fill out the short form.

Become a Beta Reader [link]

Become a Beta Reader

The beta reading period is quickly approaching, with a targeted date of Tuesday Jan 2nd for the first three chapters to be handed out. If you want to be a part of the process, sign up now! Beta readers will receive a free copy of Grim Curio upon release, and I’m going to try to come up with another way to thank you, maybe a t-shirt or something — I’m open to ideas.

About Grim Curio

The story of how the world ends begins on a near barren planet within the last and only city on earth, along a narrow empty street, dusk sunlight casting the toxic air in rainbow streaks of red, purple and green. This story begins and ends with James.

James is rogue veil researcher. He seeks evidence that will prove parallel realities exist, hoping to save humanity from the caustic, dying waste the earth has become. In order to make this discovery, he will cross paths with violent teenage nihilists, scientists attempting to cut a hole in the fabric of reality, a researcher hell bent on following the rules, a politician struggling to maintain order and stability, and many more strange and dangerous people.

When the fate of Refuge is at stake, can these disparate people with conflicting goals band together to survive or will their discord be their downfall?

What does a Beta Reader do?

A beta reader is one of the greatest people living on the face of the earth. They receive chapters from the Grim Curio manuscript, read it, answer questions and leave feedback, then return their notes to me. We’ll talk about the novel, about your opinions, and laugh at my stupid grammar mistakes. In the end, you’ll get a signed copy and another gift yet to be determined.

Do I have to read all of Grim Curio?

Nope. If life gets in the way, or if you just don’t want to keep on beta reading, you can drop out at any time. Beta reading is purely optional, but in order to receive any of the beta reader gifts, you must read and offer feedback for at least 85% of Grim Curio.

What if I’ve never edited anything before?

That’s fine! All you need to be is a passionate reader. If you live for science fiction and fantasy novels, then you’re the perfect candidate to become a beta reader.

How much feedback should beta readers give?

As much or as little as you’re willing to share. If you want to write a full-page critiquing each chapter, that’s great. If you only want to share a few sentences on how you feel about the material, that’s great too.


What is the process, in detail?

The process is pretty straight forward.

  • Receive 3 chapters starting with chapter 1
  • Read through, comment, and answer a few specific questions within a timely manner (3-5 days)
  • Return chapters and notes back
  • Receive next 3 chapters, etc.
  • Enjoy an occasional Skype call where I thank you profusely and we chat about the novel

Can I invite my friends to be beta readers too?

Please do. The more the merrier.

2 thoughts on “Calling All Beta Readers – Read Grim Curio Before Anyone Else

  1. Hallo Mr Barrus,

    I’ve decided to leave a note for you on this post directly. My PM bounced back to me as I replied to your mailing list email and it’s claiming it can’t be delivered. I tried your Contact Form on this website and it said there was a technical error and could not be sent. I did tweet you I was attempting to contact you for this betaread project, however, to cover my bases, I am posting this reply. I couldn’t fill out the Google form – however, if you could email me, I’d love to talk to you about being one of your betas! It’s a topic of story I’ve been contemplating a lot lately – especially as it runs parallel to Solarpunk – or Ecological Sci-Fi where our own greed & desires to create more industry without an ecological conscience inclusive of preservation & conservation is having a dangerous effect on our well-being. Thanks for sending the note by mailing list — I hope to hear from you soon! Early January works well for me. Happy Christmas & cheerful joys for the New Year! I am overjoyed hearing you’ve ‘come back’ to your pen and creative muse! I look forward seeing what is coming up next!

  2. Gosh, I’m sorry it was so hard for you to contact me. That sounds sarcastic, but I’m being sincere. I went offline for a year or two and I think some wires got disconnected. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. You are welcome to join. I’ll see if I can email you directly.

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