Top 6 Funniest Animated TV Shows Guaranteed to Bust Your Gut! 6

I love animation.  I’ve been a big fan of animated movies and tv shows ever since I was a kid watching shows like Bobbies World and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Today, I still love to sit back and watch a good animated comedy, but now it’s shows like Home Movies, Archer,  Bob’s Burgers and more.  This list is dedicated to the funniest tv cartoons geared for adults out there, most of which are available to stream online.  Enjoy!

Adventure Time

Best Animated Comedies

Home Movies

Home Movies is by far one of the funnies pieces of entertainment I’ve ever seen, tv or otherwise. It follow three elementary school kids who talk like adults as they film home made movies.  The dialog and great characters make this show, especially Jon Bengermin as burn out soccer coach McGuirk.  Don’t let the simple animation fool you, this show is gold!

Available on Netflix? Yes!


Futurama is one of those shows that has a tendency to get cancel and re-birthed by popular demand.  The first four seasons are clever futuristic satire pulled off expertly.  Unfortunately, the show was revived by Comedy Central, and the intelligence level of took a sever downward plunge. But the first four seasons are still well worth your time.

 Available on Netflix? Yes!

Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a manic mess of a show spewing creative rainbows and indie tunes. It’s a strange combination of a post apocalyptic world where people are made out of candy, rainbow unicorns soar through the skies, and a boy and his dog roam the country side looking for adventure. If you can handle the magnitude of the manic randomness this cartoon dishes out, you may fall in love with this wonderful show!

Available on Netfix? Sadly, no…


Archer follows special agent Sterling Archer through his day to day life dealing with his mother (who also happens to be the director of the agency he works for), his poor, sad butler, and co-workers. There are moments where I laughed so hard I nearly spewed milk out my nose… if I drank milk while watching cartoons that is (it felt like an appropriate analogy). It can get pretty crass at times, so don’t watch if you have sensitive sensibilities.

Available on Netflix? Yes!

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a classic which ran for 13 seasons before it was sadly replaced by the bastard child of Family Guy.  A sad day indeed.  The show follows redneck Hank Hill and his neighbors as they drink beer, mow their lawns and sell propane and propane accessories.  Every season, King of the Hill continued to get better and better, with the final season being a high water mark, and a fitting send off for this hilarious cartoon.

Available on Netflix? Yes!

Bob’s Burgers

By far, the newest show on this list, Bob’s Burgers is only in their second season, so the jury is still out on whether it will become a classic animated comedy.  But if it follows the trend many of these others shows on this list follow, it should really peak next season.  Bob’s Burgers follow’s Bob and his family as they run their restaurant.  The comedy is odd in that its often ridiculous and subdued at the same time.

Available on Netflix? Yes


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6 thoughts on “Top 6 Funniest Animated TV Shows Guaranteed to Bust Your Gut!

    • S.C. Barrus Post author

      Nope, I don’t think Family Guy is very funny. It’s just a bunch of recycled jokes awkwardly fit into non-existent plot lines. I thought it was ok when it first aired, because back then it was fresh, but it lost it’s appeal fast.

  • eva

    Hi S.C.,
    Thanks for this! I am a long time fan of Home Movies (Dr. Katz, to a lesser degree O’Grady, and any other Soup2Nutz production). I am in my late 30’s but can not live without my cartoons, and I see from your list above we have EXACTLY the same taste!
    I found this surfing around to see if there is anything out there I have not yet seen, might like, and could view online. My Brother is really into Adventure Time, but I have never actually watched it myself.
    I did not think it was the kind of show I’d be into, however, based on your other favorites, I think I should definitely check it out! I am super excited I may have a new favorite to discover so thanks again for the advice :)

    Loka samasta sukino bhavantu
    ~ May all beings everywhere be happy and free!
    Sat Nam,

    • S.C. Barrus Post author

      Hi Eva,

      That’s great! I love it when i run into people who can appreciate the pure, unadulterated fun that can come from cartoons. There is so much that can be done through animation that simply cannot be pulled off in live action. Plus there’s the charm that comes prepackaged with your favorite cartoons.

      I hope you enjoy Adventure Time. I’m a huge fan. It’s silly, it’s dark, it’s completely fantastical. Let me know what you think either way, I’d love to hear your opinion.

      Cody (S.C. Barrus)

  • Rawks Asaurus

    For once I can’t be a troll. Adventure Time is my favorite home movies is excellent great list. Futurama blows though sorry. Overall great list good to see someone else appreciates good animation. Check out mine, google ross martino it comes right up “shifting color violent dream” its the longest watercolor animation in existance, to my knowledge at three minutes long it took 300 hours so check it out it won the salvadore dali surreal film competition in 2010. Hopefully in a couple years ill be making your list.
    I highly suggest checking out “off the air” especially the episode “animals”. it isn’t funny but is some of the most impressive animation you’ll ever see youll be blown away. Internet high five on giving props to home movies and bobs burgers both of which are extremely underrated 5 minutes of Tina should get anyone involved in Bob’s Burgers. Lauren bouchard and brendon small are both genius. Btw you forgot metalocalypse. Very dark but hilariuos if you know anything about that music scene.

  • Tony

    Who in your opinion are the best directors in the animated comedy space for kids (6 – 11)? If you have any favorites, I’d love to know.