The Top 100 Best Selling Sci-Fi Novels of All Time [71-80]

Welcome to part 3 of the best selling science fiction novels of all time and the stellar quotes that accompany them. Every week I’ll be sharing 10 of the top selling 100 sci-fi novels of all time along with the significant quotes that made them the memorable works they are. So check out these great reads and find your next sci-fi adventure.

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80. Doomsday Book by Connie Willis

Doomsday Book

“He plunged after her, trying to keep clear of the deadly umbrellas and to determine what carol was being slaughtered now. It sounded like a cross between a call to arms and a dirge, but it was most probably ‘Jingle Bells’.”

Connie Willis

79. The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The Road

“He walked out in the gray light and stood and he saw for a brief moment the absolute truth of the world. The cold relentless circling of the intestate earth. Darkness implacable. The blind dogs of the sun in their running. The crushing black vacuum of the universe. And somewhere two hunted animals trembling like ground-foxes in their cover. Borrowed time and borrowed world and borrowed eyes with which to sorrow it.”

The Road

78. Ilium by Dan Simmons


“Want to talk about Shakespeare’s sonnets?” asked Orphu of Io.

“Are you shitting me?” The moravecs loved the ancient human colloquial phrases, the more scatological the better.

“Yes,” said Orphu. “I am most definitely shitting you, my friend.”


77. Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

Old Man’s War

“Now, you may think that this is some sort of generalized hatred that I will carry for the lot of you. Let me assure you that this is not the case. Each of you will fail, but you will fail in your own unique way, and therefore I will dislike each of you on an individual basis.”

Old mans war

76. The Puppet Masters by Robert A Heinlein

The Puppet Masters

“Horace was a nice little guy who looked like one of his own baboons; he turned me over to a Doctor Vargas who was a specialist in exotic biologies–the same Vargas who was on the Second Venus Expedition. He told me what had happened and I looked at the gibbons, meantime rearranging my prejudices.”

The Puppet Masters Robert A Heinlein

75. Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert A Heinlein

Citizen of the Galaxy

“- I’m so busy doing what I must do that I don’t have time for what I ought to do… and I never get a chance to do what I want to do!
– Son, that’s universal. The way to keep that recipe from killing you is occasionally to do what you want to do anyhow.”

Citizen of the Galaxy

74. A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Princess of Mars

“I do not believe that I am made of the stuff which constitutes heroes, because, in all of the hundreds of instances that my voluntary acts have placed me face to face with death, I cannot recall a single one where any alternative step to that I took occurred to me until many hours later.”

A Princess of Mars

73. The Fifth Head of Cerberus by Gene Wolfe

The Fifth Head of Cerberus: Three Novellas

“Seeing him brought in, has, I think, saved me from losing my mind; for that I do not thank him-sanity, after all is only reason applied to human affairs, and when this reason, applied over years, has resulted in disaster, destruction, despair, misery, starvation, and rot, the mind is correct to abandon it. This decision to discard reason, I see now, is not the last but the first reasonable act; and this insanity we are taught to fear consists in nothing but responding naturally and instinctively rather than with the culturally acquired, mannered thing called reason; an insane man talks nonsense because like a bird or a cat he is too sensible to talk sense.”

The Fifth Head of Cerberus

72. The Invisible Man by H G Wells

The Invisible Man

“The Anglo-Saxon genius for parliamentary government asserted itself; there was a great deal of talk and no decisive action.”

The Invisible Man

71. Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds

Revelation Space

“I think the deeper we go, the less likelihood we’ll have of being recognised as something unwanted. It’s like the human body – the greatest density of pain receptors lies in the skin.”


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