“The mountain took me by surprise, daunting in the way it blocked out the sky before me.”

Today’s Projects:

Here’s what I accomplished on Discovering Aberrations, a steampunk adventure story about two professors who discover a map which leads them to an unexplored island home to a long dead civilization.  And don’t forget the violent gangs, blood thirsty scuttlers, tricky scuttleretes, desperate archeologists and whatever dangers the island itself can conjure!

Note: Want to start reading the beta version on Wattpad? Go for it! Tell me what you think.

Project: Discovering Aberration
Due out: Mid-Late 2013
Word Count: 80603

73.28%  80603 of 110000

Things Accomplished: Hammered out a sizable chunk the last couple days.  Not as much as I would have liked had I the opportunity to write every day this week, but considering the amount of time I did have, a little over a thousand words ain’t bad.

Lumpen and Lefty Cricket made a sizable discovery. Unfortunately, none of the other members of their company care as they are so distracted with the horrors around them, determined to find Scarlett Bendwell then get off the island.

Up next: This chapter is just about to come to a close, and I’m going to resist the urge to immediately go back and edit. I say that now anyway. If I accidentally got back and read even a sentence I might get swept away into remodeling mode.

The end of this chapter will mark the end of part 4, the end of Lumpens narration, and will begin with Freddy opening his eyes.  I’ve been a really nervous about the whole experiment which is part 4. It takes a major risk, breaking away from Freddy’s narration, but I also think it’s the most effective way of pulling off the storytelling I’m trying to achieve. It worked pretty well in Treasure Island, but even in that book it was only for a chapter or two, mine is for an entire part. I find my self in the corner after literary black out’s, rocking back and forth, muttering “It’s going to work, it has to work, it simply needs to work.”

It’s actually not that bad….