The Best Steampunk Fashion and Art for the Week of 12/9/13 1

This is the third blog post calling out some of the best steampunk fashion I found around the internet over (here’s the first and the second. But this week I’m adding a small bonus and throwing in some steampunk art too. If you enjoy this collection remember to share it with your friends!

1. Liz Brickley

Steampunk theif

2. MurdockMcMackin

steampunk inventor

3. KillerTurnip

steampunk man

4. Meschantes Couture, The Makeup Culture & Samantha J Clancy

steampunk girl

5. XCarrieAnnX

steampunk girl

6. The Adventures of Victoria Clarke

steampunk girl

7. Steampunk Airship Model

steampunk zepplin

8. Photo by Anna Fischer

steampunk man

9. Steampunk Dwarf by HrvojeSilic

steampunk art

10. The Great Race by SpikedMcGrath

steampunk art

11. Steampunk Dragon by Frakkasse

steampunk art


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