The Best Steampunk Contraptions, Art & Costumes of the Week

After a brief hiatus, the best steampunk of the week series is back. I took some time off to publish my novel Discovering Aberration which is out now in ebook format and is soon to be released in paperback.

Anyway, in this weeks collection you might notice a lack of dudes. I always try to feature at least close to as many guys as I do girls, you know, for equality or something. As almost anyone in the steampunk scene knows, however, steampunk girls are the Internets face of steampunk. So it seems it was this week because while I spent time sifting through the pages of steampunk girls to bring you only my favorite outfits, there were only two images of guys to choose from. But who cares really?

The other thing I found a lot more of this week are some cool pieces of art and interesting contraptions. My favorites are 1) a figurine set based off the robots from Machinarium (an excellent adventure game I talked about in this post) and 2) a steampunk tardis (from Doctor Who which I haven’t written about yet, but I’ve been binge watching for the last few weeks).

If you made it this far through my jabbering without skipping straight to the images, congrats, you’re awesome.

Bollywood Steampunk by MakeupSiren


Automaton by Clint Clearly


German Scout by Keith Thompson

German Scout (By Keith Thompson)

Machinarium Figurines by StandAlone




And the Giant Awoke by GiuseppeParisi

Parisi and the Giant Awake

Captain Aether by DerekTall

steampunk art derektall deviant art


Industrial groove metal band, not bad if you’re into that sort of thing.


Steampunk Bar

Source unknown




Steampunk Engagement


Steampunk Girl in Bowler Hat – Photo by Kevin J Blood

steampunkgirl tasha tusler

Steampunk Girl in Top Hat – Photo by Meian (I think)


Steampunk Girl with Parasol

Source Unknown


Steampunk Girl by Piano by BlackGardenPoland


Steampunk Girl with Tiny Top Hat

Source Unknown, but it’s all over pinterest


Steampunk R2D2 – Photo by Knightmare6


Steampunk Tardis by Playmobile

I know, I’m speechless too. The perfect toy for my 1 1/2 year old, or maybe the perfect toy for his dad.


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