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It’s been a while since I posted a critique ready excerpt of Grim Curio, not for lack of writing though. I’ve actually hit a flow that’s been pretty great, removing around 2,000 words and adding about 4,000 in the last two weeks. Progress.

In this excerpt we meet a new POV (Point of View) character, a young girl who’s about to join a small extremist group called The Cleansing Sisterhood. I’m really happy with how this chapter has turned out.

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I’m beginning to realize that I need to create a page so people can easily find and read all past excerpts, which hopefully I’ll have time to do this weekend. Until then, have an amazing weekend.

Grim Curio Part 2

Part 2 of Grim Curio is now critique ready! For those of you who’re knew here, and let’s face it, at this point it’s most of you, I’ll tell you what that means below.

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What is a critique ready excerpt?

As I write Grim Curio I’m sharing excerpts that are still drafts. They aren’t very clean, they’re riddle with typos, and will most likely be different than the final released product.

I share these excerpts with other writers and with you to get feedback through a Google Doc. Anyone can make comments on the text itself, or can leave a written critique on the reddit post.

I plan on sharing most, if not all, of the book this way. So far it’s led to lots of inspiration and significant changes to both James and the overall setting of Grim Curio.

Missed part 1? Here’s what you need to know.

Read Part 1: Early Version (Reddit | Google Doc) | Current Version (Reddit | Google Doc)

In part 1 we were introduced to James, a detective specializing in anomalies and living in a dystopian world. James seeks out Veil Sign, a phenomena that’s the result of ‘creatures’ from other realities brushing up against, or invading, our own.

When we meet him in part 2, he’s investigating a disease that is turning a villages young into brain dead husks. He has just made a breakthrough when he see’s veil sign in a little girls room. Creatures from another plane are swarming her, drinking her thoughts.

Read it by following one of these links Reddit | Google Doc

What’s coming next?

There’s one more short section before the end of Chapter 1. It looks like it’s shaping up to be another 2,000 words or so. That would make Chapter 1 a total of 8,000 words.

What does that mean? I don’t know, you tell me. It’s certainly a damn long chapter, much longer than I anticipated it to be. But I don’t see a reason to break it up because it’s scenes are already broken up pretty well.


Here’s one thing I could do: I could turn Chapter 1 into Part 1 and separate the scenes into chapters. I’m not sure what I think of this idea yet. Probably too short for a Part. 

As for the overall structure of Grim Curio: if this story ends up having five acts, then I think the first four chapters would make up act 1. Act 1 will involve the introduction of characters, plot and setting (surprise!).

Act 2 will involve the mystery of the creatures that posses Simon, and will likely set up the tear in the veil. I’m not sure how I’m going to approach that yet, but I think it’ll be cool.

Act 3-5 is where things get hazy. I haven’t really thought this far ahead in any real depth yet. I’ve done that on purpose though, because I want to make sure the plot is reactive. But I do have some scenes in my head.


I have this idea of these ants that live in a fungus forest. They are about 2 feet tall and three or four feet long. They are hosts to mind fungus growing out of their heads. That’s all I know about that, but we’ll get it in there eventually!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Did you know that there is an actual fungus that does that to actual ants? Google that shit.