On NPR’s Self Publishing Report featuring Author Solutions

As a regular listener of NPR, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a news report on the expanding world of self publishing in a report titled Self Publishing: No Longer Just a Vanity Project.

Photo by DanielWiesheu

Photo by DanielWiesheu

Seems every day the world at large is taking self published authors more seriously, and for good reason.  Back 4 or 5 years ago, the self publishing landscape was vastly different, with much of the work being messy, unreadable, or underdeveloped.

But as the market for indie books has grown, the quality of writers improved with the market.  They took the time to do things right, to get their books edited, proofread, and cared enough to build their platform and push their work out into the world.  Now we have a treasure trove of high quality art indistinguishable from traditionally published works.

With this rise in quality, people like myself have seen an opportunity to help the artists who create the books we love.  I’ll tell you right now, there are many great small marketing, editing, and formatting business out there that will help make sure your book meets today’s high standards and gets in the hands of readers.

However, there are also a small percentage who unfortunately rob writers blind.  I don’t want to say that Author Solutions goal is scamming writers, because I’m sure it’s not.  They may be populated by decent people who work hard in your best interest.  I haven’t worked with them, so it’s not my place to bash them.

But I will say I’ve read some things about them that would make me think twice before utilizing their services. (Here are two blog posts that go into more detail: Beware of Author Solutions & Simon and Schuster Joins Forces with Author Solutions to Rip Off Writers)

Do some research before you choose how you want to release your book, know the pros and cons of what you’re purchasing.

Have you had an experience with Author Solutions, good or bad? Tell us about it in the comments!


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