New Published Poem – “Perfume” 3

S.C. Barrus, S. Cody Barrus, Away and AwayLine Zero - Quarterly Indie Arts & Writing JournalMy poem “Perfume” has recently been accepted for publication in the May issue of the magazine Line Zero.  Be sure to order a copy of the magazine and help support a new independent press!

Because I retain all rights to to my poem, I am able to post it here for your reading pleasure before the issue is released.  I hope you like it.


Perfume by S.C. Barrus


It was sitting just so,

there on top of the dresser,

your small bottle of clear perfume,

scent of gin and rosemary,

so I picked up the bottle

and squeezed one puff

in a mist, my eyes closed.


The music was soft piano

and the violin

both swaying in the breeze,

hand on shoulder, hand on waist,

those melancholy strings

humming their sonorous

blue tunes.


She read her book,

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

with a blanket draped over her legs

wearing my sweatshirt, her glasses

and dark foggy eye shadow.

“How does it compare to the movie?”

I asked. “It doesn’t,” she said

and smiled, dropped her eyes

back to the pages

she once smelled before purchasing.


All in all, my life is entirely

bearable, because of music

and poetry, the rustles sound of trees,

coffee and a good book,

and a dark beer with a friend

making a fool out of myself at karaoke,

and that look she gives me

and the perfume she wears;

all these pleasant mysteries.

I hope one day to bottle them up

in a sweet perfume for anybody

who is lonely. I will sell it cheap

and name it maybe “Sanctum”

or perhaps “Serenity”.

Farewell from S.C.B.


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