‘May heaven’s armies stand before me now and tremble. This is my discovery by right, my destiny manifest!’

Today’s Projects:

Here’s what I accomplished on Discovering Aberration, a steampunk adventure story about two professors who discover a map which leads them to an unexplored island home to a long dead civilization.  And don’t forget the violent gangs, blood thirsty scuttlers, tricky scuttleretes, desperate archeologists and whatever dangers the island itself can conjure!

Project: Discovering Aberration
Due out: Mid-Late 2013
Word Count: 81792

74.36%  81792 of 110000

Things Accomplished: I’ve really been chugging away lately. I produced another 1000 or so words which came super easy.  Any scene with building tension to a high point and then unleashing it with an action, those are the scenes I love to write!  This was one of those. As I was writing, I could hear myself furiously typing, sound like hail against a windshield, and it filled me with pride.

I also began to proofread my manuscript from the beginning. I was reading through it and was amazed at how many typos slip through. I’ve gone through the Foreward, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, and even updated it on Wattpad, so if you read it today it will be a lot cleaner than yesterday. But then I found a lonely “to” in the foreward that didn’t belong, I nearly banged my head against my laptop… but I refrained and went to bed. It was getting late anyway.

Up next: Now that part 4 is nearing it’s close, I’m certain the risk of switching narrators paid off (ala “The Heart of Darkness” which has a narrator within a narrator). But now it’s almost time to begin writing as Freddy once again. But first I’m debating whether this part needs one more chapter or not. I think it does, but it needs to be done right  in order to facilitate the transition from Lumpen back to Freddy.