Just having some fun with Adventure Time! 2

Adventure Time is a manic cartoon with nods to indie music, video games, and psychedelic drugs, so it’s not for everyone.  But today’s friday, soo…..    Yeah, I’m sharing a bunch of Adventure Time songs and videos.  Grab some fruit loops and just loose yourself in the manic glory.

Just click on an image to see the video! Need a juvenile sense of humor and winning personality to appreciate.

Oh, and seriously, you’ll need to put aside some time to listen to all of these.  DO IT!

Adventure Time • Bacon Pancakes (Ryden Ridge Remix)

I’m Just Your Problem – Adventure Time cover

Adventure Time • Punch Your Buns (Ryden Ridge Remix)

Adventure Time Ending Song Remix

Bacon Pancakes Piano Dubstep Remix

Bacon Pancakes Piano Dubstep Remix - Adventure Time

Bacon Pancakes – Extended Version! (Adventure Time Cover)

Bacon Pancakes Aucustic

 Adventure Time Jake song “On a Tropical Island” remix

Adventure Time – Dancing Bug (Remix)

Adventure Time – Bacon Pancakes (dubstep/hardstyle remix)

So, yeah, if you weren’t sure where I stood on the whole Adventure Time thing, um… I’m a fan!

  • cameron

    Holy crap you should get money for doing this holy crap just wow

    • http://awayandaway.com S.C. Barrus

      :D I’m glad you appreciate it, but it was soo much fun building this list that getting paid would be a crime.