Discovering Aberration Writing Report 4/29/13

 Originally posted on Google+:

Today I’m writing my progress report in Google + (instead of my blog) simply because I’ve been getting a lot of great response here.

Today I reached 87,000 words in Discovering Aberration, 23,000 to go and I’ll have reached my goal of 110,000 words. If the story keeps progressing at this pace, it may end up being closer to 120,000 words.

I was worried about it being too long, but luckily I’ve gotten fantastic response from Alpha readers (people who read it before the beta readers and editor). They are actually telling me that the pacing is really good, and second half of the story is intense. One of my beta readers called me up the other day and when I answered he yelled at me, “Noooooooo! You left me at such a cliff hanger, finish it faster!”  I have to admit, that felt pretty good.

It’s funny, because I get such joy out of writing, and I really enjoy my own stories but I never anticipate people’s reactions to them, so I’m always taken off guard. For example, I published a short called “The Hanging Garden’s” in a Lit Mag who called me up and asked me to do a reading for them (this was about a year ago).

I went to this little coffee house and read in front of a bunch of lit junkies, and I got the usual reaction. People clapped, I smiled and walked off, then sat at my seat and minded my own business. But then a girl walked up to me and placed a hand on her heart and said, “Thank you, that touched me.” She reached out to hug me, but I misjudged the gesture as an attempt at a high five, and what resulted was a weird hug-high five hybrid that was exactly -5 parts cool and 10 parts ridiculously embarrassing.

Anyway, I’m really pleased with the progress of Discovering Aberration so far. All the goals I’ve set out to accomplish I feel are getting their due. It’s a fun story built in a unique world with great character interaction (Alpha readers love the banter, which I’m really pleased with because banter is actually incredibly difficult for me to write).

As the story progresses, the danger feels real and is often shocking, and the characters reaction to violence is real psychologically and physically (e.g. Freddy cracks his wrist when he first makes it onto the island, so whenever he’s put in a tight spot he has to overcome that pain).

Finally, the major twists all seem to be working and are legitimately taking people by surprise. I’ve been really using this story as a way to flip conventions around so it feels both like a throwback to old school adventure lit (think Treasure Island and Around the World in 80 Days) while at the same time feels fresh and unique.

Anyway, I’m done boasting. I’m just super proud of my work. After 2.5 years of work, I think I should be :) If you want to start reading Discovering Aberration before it’s published, you can find it here (new chapter every Tuesday) this post


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