Discovering Aberration – Behind the Scene’s of Chapter 1

DA temp coverHere are some fun facts about writing Chapter 1 of Discovering Aberration. You can read chapter one here.

  • I set out to write Discovering Aberration about 3 years ago and wrote the first 8 chapters in about two weeks. At that time they made up a good portion of the story. By chapter 8, Freddy and Lumpen had already made it to the island.
  • Ms Newton was pretty much a female version of Freddy in this version. She didn’t appear until chapter 4. This led to lots of feisty conversations between Freddy and Ms Newton which were fun but ultimately fell flat. It wasn’t until future re-writes that she became the curious, intelligent student she was destined to be.
  • The first 3 chapters were originally only one chapter, and there was no mention of John Joseph Heller (he wasn’t even an idea yet). I ended up drawing it out into 3 chapters when a reader told me it felt a bit like a Young Adult novel because it moved too fast. So I spent more time building the world.
  • While there are quite a few references to classic literature sprinkled through Discovering Aberration, the reference to the Russian story read in Freddy’s class was entirely fictional. Russian lit is dark though and intriguing though. I recommend reading “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Read Chapter 2 of Discovering Aberration.


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