Creative Steampunk Cosplay, Gizmos & Even a Cat in a Top Hat & Octopus Chandelier

This must be my fourth fifth sixth collection of steampunk related stuff I’ve shared. I keep doing it because it’s fun and those of you who dig it come back again and again. I’m happy to oblige again this week with another collection of steampunk related cosplay, gizmos and even a cat in a top hat and an octopus chandelier.

For those of you who follow the steampunk scene, you probably know how easy it is to find scantly clad steampunk girls. That’s really not my goal here. I’ve even intentionally been filtering out some of the more revealing steampunk girls simply because that’s not what I want to promote to any young girls who may visit this site. A special message if there’s any of you out there, check out how sexy women can be even without revealing everything under the kitchen sink. So there’s that little message.

Another quick aside, throughout collecting all of these steampunk images from around the internet I’ve found that, not surprisingly, it’s much, much easier to find steampunk gals than it is to find steampunk dudes. Not that I care that much, steampunk girls are a bit more fun as my wife points out. But to make it a bit of a game for myself I try to include as many steampunk guys as dolls and have yet to succeed. This week…. I came close, but the ladies are far more abundant that the gentlemen, so I always get to pick and choose the ladies while I grasping at straws for the guys. Still, this week we have a good collection in both camps.

And if you want to check out my other collections of steampunk girls, guys, stuff and things, here are some links. One, two, three, four, five.


holly rolly

Steampunk Girl has Stolen Slash’s Top Hat!


Lady Mechanika


London Street by Phouc Quan

London Street   by Phuoc Quan

Stained Glass Octopus Chandelier

octopus chandelier

Steampunk Cat in Top Hat

*source unkown


Steampunk Dude with Big Gun



Steampunk Girl Reading a Book

Because it’s a steampunk girl reading a book….

Oh, and source unknown again. Might be a stock photo.



Steampunk Girl Looking Through Tagged Fence

Not sure why exactly I feel the need to name each photo or why I choose such lame names.


The Steampunk Wiseman

This outfit is actually for sale if you have the scratch. Just cough up $4,618.94


Steampunk Girl Ready for High Altitude


Steampunk Redhead


Steampunk Mask for Sciencing


Steampunk Girl on Steps


Steampunk….. I want one!


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