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Top Six BestSteampunkMovies, books &

Top Six Best Steampunk Books, Movies & Games

I’ve been a part of the steampunk movement as an author for almost a year now, but even before that I enjoyed the steampunk aesthetic in movies, books and video games without even knowing what it was. If you’re new to the genre of steampunk and you are looking for the cream of the crop, […]

Discovering Aberration Live Book Reading: Chapters 1 & 2 +Q&A

Last Friday I read the first two chapters of Discovering Aberration live online and answered readers questions. It was a great experience. Watch the video of the event below. One of my readers, @JLovesAStory was kind enough to write an in depth blog post about the event. You can read that here. Thanks for everyone who came and […]



Top 5 Best Donnie Yen Movies Ever! 5

I don’t know if I ever talked about my affliction here, but I’m a sucker for martial arts movies. This week Special ID starring Donnie Yen is coming to US theaters. For those of you who don’t know, Donnie Yen is an amazing Chinese martial artists and actor whose actually been in a string of […]