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Over the years I’ve devoted a lot of time to honing my writing style. I feel like it’s finally at a place where it just flows from me naturally without much force at all. This came through a lot of hard work.

Early chapters of Discovering Aberration I wrote and re-wrote 10+ time before I finally got it right. But as the story carried on, I remembered which changes I was making during edits and adapted them to drafting. And thus a comfortable execution of style was born.

Production efficiency, on the other, is something I’ve been experimenting with in order to finish my work in a decent amount of time while maintaining my standards. I think I’ve finally developed the routine with the writing of Part 4 of Discovering Aberration.

It’s nothing earth shattering, but for me it has been a massive leap forward which I plan to carry over to my future projects. Before I would write a chapter, then I would read through it and edit and rewrite and massage until I finally felt that the chapter was done. Then I would write the next, etc.

What this led to was beautifully structured chapters, but not necessarily well crafted parts (sections of 7-10 chapters or more). I found myself finishing parts and reading back through them only to realize a whole new string of edits was needed to keep pacing adequate.

So I’ve adjusted, and the results seem to be working nicely. With Part 4, I wrote the entire part in one go without looking back, then reworked and edited the whole part through, then once again. This cut down the time it took to write part 4 exponentially, and I think the quality is quite good too. This is the first part where I wasn’t forced to cut major sections (I cut whole chapters from part 1 and 2 early on, which was painful but necessary).

I’ve now finished drafting Part 4 and am moving on to Part 5 tomorrow. This is looking like the final part of the book, the final stretch til completion. One more big push, and the novel will be done!

I’ve got big ideas for Part 5. It will be a much more psychological part, filled with some crazy scenes and maybe even a disturbing character or two. Wish me luck for this final push of 20-30,000 words.


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