Hi, my name is S.C. Barrus.

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I’m an author/publisher who writes strange and thrilling adventures. I enjoy crafting realistic characters who are put into extraordinary and trying conditions. I also enjoy taking reader expectations and twisting them in unpredictable ways. Finally, I enjoy writing beautiful, clear, and moving sentences. If you care about characters, unusual situations, or great prose, my work might be for you.

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I live in the Pacific Northwest which is an area I love. I take advantage of the hiking and trails when I can, but most of my free time is spent writing. I’ve been seriously writing since 2011 when i began publishing short stories and poems in small literary journals while figuring out this whole publishing world. Since then I’ve found a nice balance of getting paid to write & market for other people while writing my own novels.

In 2013 I began to explore self publishing with my short revenge thriller Midway Between Heaven and Hell. I had a novel in the works and knew that the world of self publishing was more complex than many people let on. Might as well get my feet wet with a short story before delving in face first with my debut novel.

At the end of 2013 I founded my own publishing company called Away & Away Publishing. Our first project? My debut novel, Discovering Aberration. More on that below.


About Discovering Aberration

kickstarter-badge-fundedDiscovering Aberration went through quite a journey on its road to publication. It began as a strange dream which eventually evolved into a full fledged novel. After 2 years of writing, I decided to pursue self publishing rather than go through the traditional publishing route.

I entered self publishing with a goal: keep my standards equal to or higher than a traditional publishing house. To meet this goal for Discovering Aberration I needed funding. I ran a kickstarter campaign and after that grueling month was over I had raised the $3,700 I needed to afford editing and design.

Since then Discovering Aberration gone on to sell over 10,000 copies!

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The following links were part of my kickstarter promotional campaign I undertook to raise the funds I needed to publish Discovering Aberration.