Production note: Snapper Coil

This is my first production note that I’m sharing, so here’s a little intro: production notes are anything that’s on my mind which I want to record. They may be reference points, character notes, or descriptions.

Today’s note is a description of a device that James Bartlebee caries around with him in Grim Curio. It’ll appear for the first time in Chapter 1 Part 2 which I’ll share next week. This will be spoilery for anyone following along.

Snapper Coil

A small, easy to conceal device that James keeps in his pocket. A snapper coil is extremely dangerous to the untrained user, but effective at crowd control and intimidation. 

Its a small metal hilt with a half inch, heavy metal bead on top. When snapped, the bead will fly out carrying a thin 4 1/2′  wire behind it. It can be used like whip by swinging it, or it can fly straight out and retract back in, effectively snapping someone.

If you were hit by the wire or bead alone, not much will happen apart from a bruise or broken rib at worst. Painful, but non-lethal. The hilt has a trigger, and when pulled the length of the wire emits a plasma burst. This superheated air is so hot, it can cut through many surfaces, and can easily dismember a person.

James likes it not because of its power, though that is nice 😉 He likes it because it works especially well at intimidation. The loud bang! and accompanying burst of blinding light is frightening and disorienting. Most will keep their distance if they see that.

But if someone especially want’s to beat James to a bloody pulp, the snapper coil can be used non-lethally by simply smacking someone with the bead. 

15,000 words written – plus first look at Chapter 1

Its the beginning of my journey: writing my next novel, Grim Curio. It’s been a long time since I released Discovering Aberration, a long time since I’ve really sat down and wrote anything at all. Until recently, that is.

I’ve written 15,000 words towards a new novel, and I’m really excited about it. This is the first time I’ve been really passionate about something since Discovering Aberration and it feels good. It feels right.

So now that I’ve carved a decent chunk out of Grim Curio, I want to do something more than I’ve done before. I want to share as much as I can about the entire writing process. I’ll share critique ready chapters, change logs, and production notes.

  • Critique ready chapters – as I write, I share my writing with other writers to get their feedback on a subreddit called /r/DestructiveReaders. I share it via a Google Doc and they leave comments in the margin, as well as write full, in depth critiques. I’ll share these with you too. Because why not.
  • Change Logs – I’ll make these more interesting than the sound. These’ll be short posts that explain some of the changes I make to sections of the story, and may explain why I made those changes.
  • Production Notes – These can be plot points I’m thinking about, characters I’m developing, or it can be something as like describing an image I have in my head that I’d like to add to the story.

That’s it really. Feel free to be a part of the process. I’d love to hear what you think of this idea, as well as feedback on the writing itself.

First critique ready chapter

To top off the beginning of this journey, I’ve got something for you already. Below is a link to the first critique ready segment of Grim Curio. The first link goes to the reddit post where I received feedback. The second goes directly to the google doc. The response has been great and the feedback is intensely in depth. Crazy how deep we writers go to craft something you’ll enjoy.

So here it is. Intro to content and critiques here: Grim Curio – Chapter 1 Part 1 (3521 words) Or just skip to the google doc and read it.

I’ve already made major changes to this portion of the book, which I’ll discuss and share in my next post.