Come Find Me @ NorWesCon

This week I’ll be spending Thurs-Sun at NorWesCon, so if you’re in the Seattle area stop on by and say hello. I’ll be hanging around the Fuzzy Hedgehog Press booth with a couple of friends: Zachary Bonelli, author of Insomnium and Aubry Kae Andersen, illustrator of all of Zachary’s works as well as the newly […]



Sneak Peek: “The Putrid Corpse”, My Upcoming Novella

Discovering Aberration has been out digitally for the last 2 months and by now the paperback has been out for about a week. So of course I’m now moving to my next two projects. The first I want to talk about is The Indie Steampunk Lit Extravaganza which you may have seen mentioned here or […]

Interview with Daniel Ottalini Author of Brass Legionnaire

Today I’m happy to introduce you all to author Daniel Ottalini. There’s a few cool things about this guy that you should know. First, he’s written three novels: Brass Brass Legionnaire, Copper Centurion, and Roma Aeronautica. What I’m really excited to share is that Daniel will also be appearing with me at The Indie Steampunk […]


Midway Between Heaven and Hell Cover FINAL FINAL md

Midway Between Heaven & Hell is Now Perma-FREE!

That’s right, from now until the end of time Midway Between Heaven & Hell will be available for free. Well, maybe not this very second. Currently it’s free on Smashwords and in the next few days other retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble will use their price matching algorithms to mark it down to […]

An update for the week of 3/24/14 2

I’ve been in crises mode for about a week and a half. I think I’m doing just as much wrong when it comes to publishing as I am doing right, but live and learn, eh. Last week was a perfect example of that. I’ve been scrambling to get the paperback edition of Discovering Aberration ready […]