This Week Only – Pre-Order the Entire Series of The Gin Thief

This week only I’m running a short Kickstarter campaign where you’ll have the opportunity to preorder the entire series of The Gin Thief (episode 1 to be delivered by the end of Sept. or earlier). This is the best time to read this exciting series before anyone else, while saving money and supporting the author (me) […]



Writers, Heres How I Take Advantage of Live Events (Cons, Book Readings, etc)

Every writer should be doing cons (conventions). Even if you’re introverted and afraid to talk to people, there are ways around this. In this guide I’ll share with you what has worked well for me this past year. One of my absolute favorite thing about being a published writer is getting out there and meeting/making […]

10 Quotes from The Gin Thief: Episode 1

As I write The Gin Thief, I’ve been sharing random spoiler free quotes on my Google+ and Facebook pages. Because this week only, the entire series of The Gin Thief is available for pre-order at a reduced price on Kickstarter, I thought it was the perfect time to collect and share these quotes. 1. The Captain looked over […]



Discovering Aberration Live Reading Part 5

Sorry about the late posting on this one. This video is part 5 of our series where we are reading through the entirety of Discovering Aberration. I’ve made this series easier to navigate now, so if you need to find any episode, there will be a list of all of the episodes below which will be […]

Oh Captain, My Captain: Or How Robin Williams Inspired Me

Dead Poets Society, perhaps more than any other movie, changed my life when I first saw it as a young teenager. There was just something about it, about the tone, the passion, the artistic rebellion, and the heart-wrenching conclusion that touched me to the very core. Thinking back on it now, it’s clear to me […]